1. Panoramic views of the Mint complex (without people) (2:20m).

2. Interview with Eduardo de la Torre, restoration architect 2:20m).

3. Guests at the main entrance (1:03m).

4. Arrival of the official  guests (2:49m).

5. Guests on the uper patio (0:51m).

6. VISIT - Entrance through ticket booth and visit of the museum-workshop building (15:34m).

7. VISIT - From the sunken stairway, across the upper patio to the canals and restaurant (13:49m).

8. VISIT - From the restaurant out to the street and bridge, upper patio and cultural building (5:26m).

9. VISITA - Cultural building on the upper patio level (2.53m).

10. Exposition in the old foundry (2:18m).

11. The Mayor's speach 8:21m).

12. The architect's speach (5:58m).

13. Speach by the vicecouncil of Culture of the Assembly of Castile and Leon (5:17m).

Videos filmed by Javier López Alarma [Segovia al Día], posted on YouTube.