Guidelines for article referencing and submittal: 

Readers are free to extract, make reference to, and publish, parts of any article appearing here, but please mention in your reference that the information was obtained here, as such:

Author / Title / Amigos de la Casa de la Moneda de Segovia/ / Month and year of publication on this web site
for example:
Murray, Glenn. "King Philip II: The Missing Assayer Mark on His Coins From the Segovia Mint," Friends of the Segovia Mint web site,, April, 1998.

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Subject matter should comply to the following categories related to:
  • The Segovia Mints, their coinage or related topics.
  • Historic coining methods.
  • Other Spanish or Latin American Mints.
  • Spanish or Latin American coinage in general.
  • Methodology of archival or archeological investigations pertaining to the above topics.
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