SPAIN     Zaragoza

Approximate location of where the Mint building once stood in Valencia.  

The Mint in Valencia struck coins for that kingdom from 1247 to 1707 by the hammer method.  From 1709 to 1720 an effort was made to strike a unified coinage for all of Spain at this mint also, which was done on mills wioth roller dies.  After a long period of closure, the mint was reopened in 1811 during the French invasion and struck coins on screw presses until 1823.   The mint building no longer exists.


The mint building was located next to the historic Lonja or Market (center brown building), near the corner of the red building. The famous Basilica of Pilar is in the background.

Don Jaime Street, where the mint once stood, looking north towards the Puente de Piedra (Stone Bridge), with the Lonja and Plaza del Pilar on the left, and the Plaza de Seo on the right..

The stone bridge, looking south towards Don Jaime Street.  The Mint building stood on the approximate location of the red building on the left.