SPAIN     Valencia

The Map of Valencia by Father V. Tosca, of 1704, helps us identify the location where the Valencia mint once stood, on Forn de la Ceca (Mint Furnace) Street.  Neither the building nor the Street exist today because a major urbanization project changed the configuration of the area towards the end of the 20th century, to open a straight line passage of Carrer de la Paz (Pau above) which the mint building was blocking.

The mint building no longer exists.


The mint building was located in the middle of this street, Carrer de la Paz, in the foreground of the photo.

Corner of San Martín (left) and Luis Vives (right, forward) Streets with Carrer de la Paz crossing in the background.  Perhaps some of the old corner stones on these buildings belonged to the mint building, which was demolished.