SPAIN     Toledo

The building of the old Toledo Mint on NuŮez de Arce Street (outlined in yellow) is used today for offices, and can be visited.

The splendid baroque patio with many interesting architectural details has been preserved. The modern offices are of no interest. The patio may be visited during regular office hours.  Today the old mint is used as offices of the Assembly of Castile la Mancha.


The Toledo Mint is located on a very narrow street, surrounded by palatial homes of the ancient nobles, such as the one located directly across the street

The coat of arms above the entrance to the Mint can be dated between 1581 and 1668, since it contains the escutcheon of the Kingdom of Portugal.

The north wing of the building, with its uncovered brick-arched doorway leading to a noble hall, perhaps the Mintís treasury, is on the right, while the entrance from the street is through the passage behind the modern glass doors on the left.

The south-west corner of the Mintís central patio.

The east wing has been notably transformed with the inclusion of a large glass gallery.

Detail of the woodwork in the ceiling of the north-west corner of the patio

Detail of the woodwork in the ceiling of the north wing of the patio. The icons of the angels with the three different shields is repeated around the entire patio.

Detail of the woodwork in the ceiling of the noble room of the north wing of the patio, which was perhaps the treasurers office.

Detail of the left side of an ancient doorway in the east wing.