SPAIN     Madrid

The current mint building in Madrid (outlined in yellow), has one of the best and largest Mint
museums anywhere in the world.   This building was inaugurated in 1964.       

Madrid has had several mint buildings since the mint was first established in 1613.  Here we show four locations, of which only the currently functioning mint is still standing.


The main facade of the currently functioning mint in Madrid on Doctor Esquerdo Street, where the entrance to the museum is located.

The employee entrance to the mint is below the mint's name seen here on Jorge Juan Street.

Detail of the entrance to the mint museum.

Corner of the mint building on Marquez (towards the left) and Duque del Sesto (brick facade) Streets.

From 1861 to 1964 the Madrid Mint occupied the entire city block outlined in yellow above on the Plaza de Colon.  

The mint building was demolished in 1970 and today the Jardines del Descubrimiento open park area occupies the entire block where the mint once stood.

From 1661 to 1664 a large mint building with horse driven rollermills was situated just outside the Puerta de Alcala Gate, which was moved about 100 meters to the east in the 18th century to its present location seen above on the map.  Thus the reference point for the location of this briefly used building, of which no remains exist, is the north-east corner of the present day Plaza de Cibeles (outlined in yellow),where the Puerta de Alcala Gate was then located.

Today the Casa de America (left in photo) occupies the site of the rollermill mint on the Plaza de Cibeles, while the Puerta de Alcala Gate can be seen in the background.


The first mint established in Madrid, in 1613, was located on Segovia Street, beneath what today is the bridge on Belen Street, immediately south of the Royal Palace.


View of the bridge of Belen Street over Segovia Street.  The mint which functioned from 1613 to 1861 was located here.  Today no remains exist.