SPAIN     La Coruña

The mint in La Coruña (outlined in yellow), is very near the Atlantic coast.                                                                                 GOOGLEmaps

The Mint was one of the 7 principal mints in Spain before 1497, and struck coins by the hammer method until 1696.  During the period from 1661 to 1664, horse powered rolling mills were installed to roll billon coins.  The building is in a perfect state of conservation, although the interior of all the wings have been totally reformed beyond the point of recognition for the modern offices which have been installed. Nevertheless, the exterior walls of the building still maintain, generally speaking, much of their original configuration. The facade of the front of the building, by the doorway, remains just as it was when the mint issued coinage. The exterior walls of the structure built in the patio area for the horse-powered mills, still maintain their original configuration, and it is easy to imagine how the work stations of the factory were arranged around this point when coinage was being produced.  Today the structure houses offices of the Ministry of Defense.


Front facade of the old Mint, today the DELEGACION DE DEFENSA (Delegation of the Ministry of Defense, on the Plaza Santo Domingo, with the entrance to Santo Domingo church on the immediate left.

Inscription above the entrance to the Mint, dating from the period in which it was mechanized with horse mills to roll the metal strips as well as to roll the coins. “AÑO 16 - 62 / CASSA - REAL / DE INGENIO DE MONEDA FAB / RICADA SIENDO SVPERINTENDENTE / DON MANUEL DE ANGULO ALCALDE / DE LA REGENCIA DE ORAN TRADV / CIDO DE LA DE BARCELONA SIENDO MAESTRO OFOFRE SOLA”

View in which a vertical row of blocks can be seen (whiter than the surrounding blocks) which today covers from the street a space which exists between the old Mint building and the church, each structure having its own, non-shared wall.

View of the old Mint from the corner. The side wall has been reformed, as can be seen by the random configuration of its stones, in contrast to the rows of original blocks of the front facade.

The rear wall of the old Mint has been drastically reformed, including the opening of windows which did not exist originally.

Building which housed the horse mills surrounded on three sides by the patios: first patio (lower left), middle or connecting patio (right) and second patio (behind), with the Santo Domingo church in the left background.

Detail of the second patio, looking towards the Santo Domingo church, with the building which housed the horse mills on the left

Windows in the horse mill building, apparently dating from the period of the Mint, which look out onto the middle or conecting patio.