SPAIN     Cuenca

We have identified two mint locations in Cuenca (outlined in yellow).  The early mint which struck coins by the hammer method from before 1497 through 1661was located on Calle de la Moneda (Coin Street), )lower center in the map above), and no longer exists.  The mechanized mint, equipped with hydraulic mills was built in 1661 and rolled coins through 1727 (upper right on the map).                                                                                                             GOOGLEmaps

The old Mint building, today severely altered, along with several new structures, serves as an electricity generating plant. The dam and canals remain intact and are used. Scant traces of some walls of the old mint still exist, but are of little interest. The plant is closed to the public, but the hydraulic system and facades of the buildings can be seen from the surrounding area. The interior of the building is of little interest.


View of the trees along the banks of the Jucar river, as it passes below San Antón bridge. The Mint’s canal gates and part of the building can be seen below the bridge, off to the right.

Front view of what remains of the old mint building (rear), remodeled now almost beyond recognition. The original corner blocks can still be seen, as well as part of the profile of the roof. A later structure has been built in front of the old mint and over the canal, whose entrance is protected by thin bars (in the foreground among the vegetation). The canal flows towards the rear of the photo, alongside the old building.

Lateral view of what remains of the old mint building. Apparently the old building extended more towards the left, and when that part was demolished a modern wall was built to enclose the remaining structure.

Detail of the original northeast corner of the building.

East façade of the building, originally the front or main façade, in the sunlight, and the north façade, which overlooks parallel to the canal, in the shade.

The Mint’s dam is located on the Jucar River, just below San Anton Bridge, and facing San Anton Church.

The Mint’s dam directs water towards two gates at the beginning of the canal.

Close-up of the dam’s gates. The reservoir or holding tank is empty in this view, since the gates are closed. The exit of the water towards the turbine can be seen where the mesh-bars are located at the rear left of the tank.

View of the gates from inside the empty holding tank.

View of the interior of the empty holding tank. San Anton bridge can be seen in the background, while the Mint building is behind the camera.

View from the empty drainage canal of a modern structure built in front of the historic mint, which is behind the right shoulder of the photographer. The canal on the right houses a turbine which produces electricity, while the one on the left has a relief gate which serves for runoff from the holding tank.

Sign which marks the east end of La Moneda Street, where the old hammer mint was located

La Moneda Street is a narrow passageway.

La Moneda Street begins at this point on Cardinal Paya Plaza. The buildings on the right are backed up against the medieval city wall, probably where the old hammer Mint was located.