GERMANY     Magdeburg        (no remains of the mint exist today)

We have identified the location of three historic mint buildings in Magdeburg (each outlined in yellow on the above
map), none of which exist today. 

The oldest mint, which operated during the 15th century, was located in market square, today an open plaza in front of the city hall (to the left of "Magdeburger Reiter" on the map above).  A new mechanized mint was built and rolled coins onto strips of metal starting in 1582. This mint had waterwheels to power the machinery which were fed by a stream which led into the Elbe River (lower right on the map).  The building was located to the east of today's "Allee-Center" shopping complex (map above), where the  underground parking garage is located today.  The third and final mint was located on "Great Coin Street" (underlined in red on the map), and struck coins from 1683 to 1767.  This mint was known as one of the best equipped mints in the Prussian State.  None of these three mint buildings exist today, however the two streets "Grosse Münstrasse" and "Kleine Münzstrasse" still retain their names, and remind us of the exact site of the later of the three mint buildings.


Location of the 15th century mint, on the square in front of city hall.

Location of the second, mechanized mint, from 1582, where the
underground parking garage of the Allee-Center is today.

The location of the 1582, mechanized mint, just to the left of the bridge
over the Elbe River, with the Allee-Center shopping complex in the background.

Location of the third mint, which funcioned from 1683 to 1767, with Great and
 Small Mint Streets underlined in red.

Actual building on Grosse Münzstrasse, looking west.

Start of Grosse Münzstrasse, on the left, looking east.

Steet sign for Grosse Münzstrasse.

Facade of the building on Kleine Münzstrasse.

Street sign for Kleine Münzstrasse.