GERMANY     Dresden               (no remains of the mint exist today)

Münzgasse underlined in red.                                                                                                  GOOGLEmaps

The Mint in Dresden was one of the first mints mechanized in the world.  In 1574 it was equipped with  rolling mills which were powered by giant waterwheels that were situated in a small canal which later fed into the nearby River Elbe.  The center of Dresden suffered severe wartime damage and today there is no trace of the old Mint, except for the name of the street where it was once located -"Münzgasse"- underlined in red on the above map.  An interesting maze of laberinths and fortifications exists below the Hochschule für Bildende Künste art museum (to the right of Münzgasse in the above map), which may be visited and possibly conserve traces of the mint's canal system. 

View looking north from the center of Münzgasse Street towards the River Elbe.

View of Münzgasse Street looking south, standing on the
arched bridge over the street with the river behind.

Arched bridge which crosses over the northern end of Münzgasse Street.

View of Münzgasse Street looking south from below the arched bridge.

Street sign on the base of the arched bridge.