FRANCE     Pau

The Mint tower (outlined in yellow), near the Place de la Monnaie (underlined in red).                                         GOOGLEmaps

The Mint in Pau was established in 1524 by King Henri d'Albret in the Tour du Moulin (mill tower) named such for its rolling mills which were powerred by waterwheels.  In 1564 Jeanne d'Albret, the queen, enlarged the minting workshop by constructing buildings for the smelting of gold and silver, lodging for the officials who worked there, and a dispach room for the assayer general.  In 1576 an exchange office was established.

In 1622, the the mint fell into disuse and in 1663, the Central Administration threatened to close the Mint.  In 1763 there was a fire that affected the building.  However, from 1706 to 1788 important quantities of gold, silver and billon coins were struck.  Finally, the Revolution of 1789 caused the definite closure of the Mint. (info. from plaque on wall at Mint).


View of the Mint tower.

Canal which powered the rolling mills.

Remains of a fountain on the exterior of the tower.