FRANCE     Ensisheim            (no remains of the mint exist today)

The location of the Ensisheim Mint was at the southern end of the jail complex built on the site in the 18th century (outlined in yellow).  Rue de la Monnaie (Coin Street) is underlined in red, and the mint´s canal is indicated by a blue line on the map above.                                                                                                                           GOOGLEmaps

The Mint in Ensisheim was one of the first mints mechanized in the world.  The rolling mills for this mint were built in Hall in Tirol at the same time the machines for the Segovia Mint were being constructed, in 1583-1584.  The machinery for the two mints left the Hall Mint within weeks of each other, but coin production began first in Ensisheim (1584) since the industrial convoy had to travel much farther to Segovia, where the first test coins were rolled in 1585.  Today there is no trace of the Mint in Ensisheim, as a jail was built on the location in the 18th century.  Nevertheless, the canal which fed the mint's waterwheels can still be seen as it enters beneath the jail, and its exit from the other end of the complex.

View looking at the south-east end of the jail complex, at the start
 of Rue de la Monnaie (Coin Street), in the area where the mint was located.

View of the south-east corner of the jail complex, with
Rue de la Monnaie (Coin Street) extending towards the left in the photo.

View of where the canal enters below the jail, with
Rue de la Monnaie
(Coin Street) crossing above.

View looking south from the bridge on Rue de la Monnaie (Coin Street)
over the canal, which carries a great volume of water

Memorial stone commemorating the Ensisheim Mint, located within
meters of where the canal passes under Rue de la Monnaie (Coin Street).

Street sign for Rue de la Monnaie (Coin Street),
with the translation below in the Alsace dialect.