CZECH REP.     Jachymov

The Mint building (outlined in yellow) is located on Mincovni Street (underlined in red).    GOOGLEmaps

The Jachymov Mint,  in what was an important silver mining area, was important in its day for having struck the famous Jachymov taler.  Today the historic mint building houses a museum which includes coin and coin making instrument displays.

The town of Jáchymov was founded due to rich silver deposits which were exploited since 1516. In 1520 Austrian land assembly granted the aristocratic Šlik family owning land in that area permission to hand-strike silver coins (Groschens and talers). However, King Ferdinand I attacked Šliks’ minting right and the former aristocratic mint in fact turned into a royal mint in 1528, although the Šlik family further participated in its administration. The mint building burnt down in 1530s. The newly rebuilt operating premises were damaged by another fire in 1538, nonetheless the mint was reconstructed immediately again and the four-wing Renaissance building preserved most of its original appearance until the present day. After the Thirty Years War (1648), coin production was reduced and the ultimate shutdown followed in 1670. The building was subject to several architectural modifications – after a storm in 1671 and fires in 1782 and 1873. Nowadays the former royal mint located on the main square next to the townhall houses the municipal museum and part of the building is open to public. (

Front of the building, looking south-west, with Mincovni Street on the left.

View looking north towards the start of Mincovni Street, with the church in the background.

View of the southern facade of the building, with Mincovni Street on the left.

View looking east, with the town hall in the background.

Entrance to the Museum.

Mincovni Street sign.